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Thirteenth International Conference on Networked Learning (NLC2022)

Thirteenth International Conference on Networked Learning (NLC2022)

(Photographer: Sandra Pettersson)
The Thirteenth International Conference on Networked Learning (NLC2022) will be in Sundsvall at Mid-Sweden University, Sweden. Together with Jimmy Jaldemark, Peter Mozelius, Marcia Lindqvist Håkonsson, Lena-Maria Öberg and Nina Bonderup Dohn we are preparing for the next Networked Learning Conference in 2022 (16-18 May).



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Cardiff, Online Conference - June 10-11, 2021

Cardiff, Online Conference - June 10-11, 2021

Phenomenology and Networked Learning

This event focuses on the place of phenomenology in networked learning - ‘hanfod’ is Welsh for ‘essence’. The hosts, Mike Johnson and Felicity Healey-Benson, aim to shape and strengthen phenomenology’s contribution to networked learning in the run-up to the full Networked Learning Conference in 2022. 
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Networked Learning - Inviting Re-definition and a Community Response

A recent issue of the journal Postdigital Science and Education (vol 3, issue 2) contains two open access articles of particular relevance to the Networked Learning Community. One is an article discussing a re-definition of Networked Learning. The other is a collective response by 50+ authors commenting on the re-definition and networked learning more generally.

The papers are both available Open Access:

The articles in combination spark great debates and raise interesting issues that could be explored in the upcoming Networked Learning Conference 2022. We hope the two articles can inspire additional response and provide ideas for papers, workshops, symposia or round tables during the NLC2022.
Furthermore, the issue contains many other papers related to Networked Learning. The issue can be explored here: