Networked Learning Conference 2020

University of Southern Denmark, Kolding

Practical Information

Photo: Michael Yde Katballe: University of Southern Denmark, Kolding.

From Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup) 

If you arrive at the airport, tickets for the journey are available from the DSB ticket office above the railway station in Terminal 3 or from ticket machines in the station area, which is located on the ground floor. 

For Information about the airport, arrivals and departures please click here:  Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup)

You have to take the metro or train to Copenhagen central station. Trains leave every 10 minutes from the airport to Copenhagen. 

From Copenhagen central station you can take the train to Kolding, it leaves approx. every 2 hours.
The journey from Copenhagen Airport to Kolding takes approx. 2 hours 45 min.

From Billund Airport: 

The bus departs every 2 hours from Billund airport to Kolding. 
The journey from takes approx. 1 hours. 
For information about the airport, arrivals and departures and car rental please click here: Billund Airport

Taxa: Phone no.: (+45) 75 50 27 00

For information about train services or tickets

Journeyplanner – Nation-wide planner covering all public transport. Here you can purchase your ticket online.


University of Southern Denmark 
Universitetsparken 1
6000 Kolding.

From the train station in Kolding, there is approx. 800 m to the venue at University of Southern Denmark.