Networked Learning Conference 2020

Call for papers NLC 2020

Call for papers out now

Within the field of Networked Learning, we invite papers, workshops, and discussion groups for the Networked Learning Conference 2020, 18-20th May in Denmark.

Last modified: 02.05.2019

Since 1998 the biennial Networked Learning Conference has been an opportunity to participate in a forum for the critical examination and analysis of research in networked learning – particularly in Higher Education and lifelong learning. Networked learning has now become a broader area of inquiry bringing together research in education and organisations spanning formal and informal learning settings. It is a conference that is particularly concerned with critical perspectives, theory, pedagogical values, analysis, practice based research and designs for learning. The focus of the conference is research and practice that addresses relational and interactional aspects of learning and development with an emphasis on dialogical learning, collaborative and cooperative learning and learning in social networks.


  • Theories, methodologies, and design for Networked Learning
  • Methods, research design, data and analysis in Networked learning (e.g. phenomenography, social network analysis, ANT and post-ANT)
  • Roles of learning analytics, big data, and artificial intelligence in Networked Learning
  • Philosophy and educational technology
  • Transfer and transformation of knowledge, practice and networked learning
  • Networked learning literacy and agency
  • Learning on the move; places and spaces for networked learning
  • Situating networked learning historically, systematically, conceptually etc.
  • Learning at scale, in the wild, and across boundaries, (in)formal, professional and open lifelong networked learning
  • Debates and emerging issues in networked learning (e.g. postdigital education, computational thinking, online activism)

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