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Two free* two-day ‘node’ events in 2021

Two free* two-day ‘node’ events in 2021

The Networked Learning Conference Consortium is sponsoring two free* two-day ‘node’ events in 2021. One in Malta (20-21 May) hosted by Maria Cutajar and another in Cardiff (10-11 June).

Last modified: 21.09.2020

The Cardiff event, focuses on the place of phenomenology in networked learning - ‘hanfod’ is Welsh for ‘essence’. As they describe on the Website, the hosts, Mike Johnson and Felicity Healey-Benson aim to shape and strengthen phenomenology’s contribution to networked learning in the run-up to the full Networked Learning Conference in 2022. Two prestigious experts have agreed to help: Prof Cathy Adams, on the first day, leads a ‘Phenomenology of Practice’ workshop. We hope the event will seed useful scholarly outputs and so Prof Nina Bonderup Dohn leads a writing workshop on the second day. Prior to that, the morning of day two starts with a Pecha Kucha session, for sharing experiences of networked learning and phenomenology, to hear ‘voices from the river’, to borrow Heidegger’s analogy, that doing phenomenology, like learning to swim, requires one to get in the water. Please visit https://hanfod.NL to find out more details, such as dates, venues and abstract submission.

*hanfod.NL invite donations of £10 (minimum) to defray costs and secure a place for this limited capacity event. The evening social event is a banquet in Cardiff Castle costing £54 all in, a deposit of £20 must be paid by 15th February 2021.