Networked Learning Conference 2020

Guides and practical information about the online conference

We wish to provide you with some basic information about how the conference will run and where you can find various information.

Thank you for registering for the Networked Learning Conference 2020, 18-20th May 2020. The interest in the conference has been overwhelming and we are nearing 500 participants. This is both very exciting, but also a quite daunting challenge when managing a fully online conference for the first time.

The main conference website:

This conference site ( is the backbone-site for information. Here you will have access to all papers, as well as workshops/round tables/symposia. Further, you will find the programme for each day of the conference here.

This includes links for the Adobe Connect Video-conference Rooms that will be used for the synchronous paper presentations, workshops, round tables and symposiums.

Accessing the conference sessions via Adobe Connect:

You will find detailed information about how to use the Adobe Connect Software here. You can access this link to run a diagnostics and for installing the Adobe Connect Desktop app (which we strongly recommend you do as this is necessary for using video/sound during breakout discussions).

After installing the app, you can test your setup in this room.

Each day of the conference is organized in three tracks and each track has a separate Adobe Connect room. On the first day, the rooms are named Hannah Arendt, Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky.

If you require assistance regarding the use and setup of Adobe Connect please contact Rasmus Poulsen ( For good advice regarding presentations or running workshops/round tables please contact Christopher Kjaer (

Advice for a good online experience:

  • We recommend that you use a cabled connection. If this is not possible, then sit close to the Wifi-hotspot.
  • Be aware of the traffic on your own connection e.g. if kids/partners/roommates are watching Netflix or your cat is uploading multiple videos on SnapCat, this might affect your experience.
  • Please use a headset with a microphone.
  • If you are not presenting, please be sure your microphone is muted during sessions, and turn of your webcam/video.
  • In some round table sessions (RT), workshops (WS) or symposia the host might invite you to breakout session where you can discuss in smaller groups using sound / video – the desktop app is needed for that
  • For questions during paper sessions, we anticipate it is best that questions are posed in the chat and then picked up and asked by the session chair.
  • When a session finishes please ‘leave the room’ – at the end of parallel sessions we might ‘clear’ the rooms

Questions you may still have for the presenters or others can subsequently be asked in the social space we have set up in collaboration with CanopyLab.

Social Learning Platform – CanopyLab

The Danish EdTech company CanopyLab have most kindly sponsored the conference by providing us with a free space on their Social Learning Platform.

During Thursday or Friday you will receive an invitation for the platform (if you do not receive an invitation, please check your unwanted mail or contact us).

The platform is similar to a social network such as Twitter. You have a profile from where you can post, and you can connect to other users. We hope this might be an interesting place for all participants to interact and connect.

Furthermore, there are different course rooms each corresponding to an Adobe Connect Room. For example, on day one there will be three Adobe Connect Rooms (titled: Hannah Arendt, Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky) and for each of these there will be similarly named room in CanopyLab. In each of the rooms, there is a forum where you can initiate pre- or post-discussions related to the presentations. 

We hope you will enjoy the sessions, that you wish to connect on the social learning platform and that the conference will prove interesting and challenging,

Finally, and in advance, we hope that you will not experience technical difficulties, delays or cancellations, but we hope you will bear with us in case you do.

Best regards

The networked learning conference committee